The Morning Haul 9/3


Good morning readers! Sometimes I have to laugh at the jokes life plays on us.  A few short days ago I was sitting at home in Bellingham, reading every single Husky article posted on a reputable website and racking my brain for fresh article ideas after so many preseason writeups and projections.  Now, a day after the San Diego State game, the volume of articles is overwhelming, and I’m on vacation with an Ipad and a wireless keyboard.

I’m writing as much as I can, and I’m certainly keeping up on twitter and the various websites to make sure any breaking news gets put up on the site as quickly as possible, but certain specific features, like linking player names to stats, will not usually be present in my vacation posts due to a shortage of time and touchscreen patience. I will even be watching the LSU game from a rented house on the Oregon coast. It will be a marvelous combination of beach sunshine and football nirvana.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Condotta with an early look at LSU. This is just the beginning of an entire week of temporarily obsessing over this team’s roster, coaching, and play style before completely dumping the information until the next matchup, so you had better get started before you fall behind.

I’m serious. If I can’t recite the entire two deep LSU depth chart by game day, I have failed. Maybe this can help. Just remember, the Honey Badger isn’t on it anymore.

For anyone who wasn’t at the game in person Saturday night, The Brewery has a story about the awkward year-in-residence the Huskies are having at CenturyLink Field. From inside the stadium, I have to say that it was a little off. The student section was up and excited, but the stadium was not close to full, and there was a very limited tailgate scene. It just didn’t feel like game day in the same way that it normally does at Husky Stadium. Could have had more do to the slow nature of the game as well. It’s tough to tell.