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Huskies Release Week Two Depth Chart


The official depth chart for Saturday’s game against Louisiana State University does not contain any information that will surprise fans that have kept up on injury news over the weekend, but for those that haven’t, there are two big injuries that have changed the Husky offense significantly.

First, running back Jesse Callier is off the depth chart due to a knee injury that will likely have him out several weeks.  This makes Bishop Sankey the official starter,  and true freshman Erich Wilson II the backup. This isn’t a crippling  loss, with Sankey as the co-starter anyway, but Callier was supposed to get at least half the carries out of the backfield, and he is the more seasoned of the two players, something that could very well come into play against the rugged defense of LSU.

Another injury that will have a serious effect on the offense is the loss of Right Tackle Ben Riva to a broken forearm.  He will also be out several weeks, and the depth chart leaves Sarkisian some wiggle room in shuffling the line.  He lists Erik Kohler at Right Guard, but he also lists James Atoe as the backup at the spot.  Mike Criste, a sophomore, is listed as the starter at Right Tackle, but with Kohler listed as his backup.  This seems to hint at the fact that those two listed starters may  not be set in stone, though it is likely that Kohler and Criste start, or else they would not have bothered listing them as the starters.

No matter what, the loss of Callier and the reshuffling of an offensive line that was already mildly shaky against SDSU on Saturday is not good.  In fact, it’s bad.  There is no real situation in which the Huskies could have entered this week as favorites against the Tigers, but these developments certainly are not helping. Hopefully the Husky run game can keep the ball moving and the patched up offensive line can keep Keith Price safe, but I wouldn’t bet on it at this juncture.