Huskies Football: Both Callier, Jamora out for Season


The injury updates from earlier in the week are all outdated now, as the news has come out that both defensive end Hau’oli Jamora and running back Jesse Callier are officially out for the season.

Now, we knew going in to the season that Jamora would be out for a good amount of time after his anthroscopic knee surgery on Thursday, but the realization that he is simply gone for all eleven remaining games is a real negative for the defense. Jamora is a quality player, possibly even a real game changer, who many expected to emerge this season if he managed to stay healthy. They can survive without him, but they would have been a better unit with him, and there’s no arguing against that.

The loss of Callier for the year is much more shocking, and much more serious. A run game that went from a two back tandem and a stable, if inexperienced, offensive line is, in a span of a few days, transformed into a shuffling, injured offensive line with a starting back that was a third-string freshman last year. Plus a true freshman as his backup.

And what if Sankey gets injured? I certainly hope he doesn’t, but running back is an incredibly physical position where injury is a constant possibility, and if it does come to be, we will have Erich Wilson II, a true freshman, and nothing else. Of course there are bodies that can play, but no one that should be carrying a Pac-12 running game. That’s a scary thought. No pressure or anything, Bishop. And no pressure Keith Price, the one player who has proven he can transcend this rash of injury-related uncertainty on offense.

One more reason why I’m apprehensive going in to this week. If the Washington team pulls through and plays LSU close, or even possibly pulls off the upset, it should be noted that they did it under much duress.