The Morning Haul 9/2


Good morning everyone! It’s a cloudy day in Seattle, and I can’t say I mind. A little bit late on getting this posted today, probably because I just woke up from my first Husky game cheering in the student section. It was a great night, but it was also a long night, and now that it’s morning, it’s time for eight thousand articles breaking down the game.

While these are all great reads, it’s also worth mentioning that The Husky Haul will be a terrific source of postgame info all day long, including post game awards, injury updates, and an analysis of how correct/incorrect I was in my pregame predictions. So check in regularly to stay on top of Husky Football! In the meantime, bask in the glow of a 1-0 record and start turning your eyes towards Baton Rouge, as scary a thought as that might be

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Condotta of the Husky Football Blog with a review of the game position by position.

And here’s the exact same thing from the UW Dawg Pound!

Gregg Bell has a more traditional post game story over at, and if you only want to read one article to get the gist of last night’s game, I would recommend this one.