The Morning Haul 9/1


By around noon yesterday, panic had officially set in. I, an incoming freshman at the University of Washington, still living in Bellingham, WA, realized I had completely lost my wallet. Torn apart my house, called all my friends, retraced my steps. Nowhere to be found. That would only be a moderate thorn in my side normally, but in this case, I knew I would not be able to attend the SDSU game without my Husky ID Card. Husky Cards serve as tickets for students.

So, I drove the hour and a half to campus, picked up a new Husky Card, and drove back home. Tomorrow, I’ll be headed right back down the CenturyLink Field to attend the game. Sure, it was an extremely frustrating experience, especially considering I had no one to blame but myself. But when the 2012 Husky Football season kicks off, with me there to witness it, that will all be forgotten.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Condotta with a summary of how former Husky players in the NFL fared through the final roster cuts.

Good for San Jose State! They must have read what I said in my Pac-12 Picks about always getting destroyed by high ranking non-conference opponents. Stanford really had to struggle for this one.

Two stories about two different, but equally underrated, Pac-12 running backs that had great opening performances. No one should be sleeping on Stanford’s Stepfan Taylor and UCLA’s Johnathan Franklin.

The Husky Basketball team was defeated by Antibes in France yesterday.  Percy Allen explains why.