The Morning Haul: 8/31


I watched actual college football on my television yesterday. That automatically made it the best day of August up until today, which features more college football and brings us within twenty-four hours of game day. My goals for the day: track down all of the purple and gold gear in my house, go to Value Village and Goodwill to collect more purple and gold on the cheap (Thrift Shop anybody?), and finally, stop by the craft store to look for purple and gold face paint. Today will be a good day..

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Now is the time for every single site covering Husky sports to submit Pac-12 picks for week one. I guess I never got the memo: I posted mine on Monday. Here is Condotta’s picks (if they seem familiar, it’s because we picked the exact same winners and losers), and here are the picks from the Dawg Pound.

SB Nation contributor Kevin Cacabelos writes about his expectations for the 2012 season. If you’re getting bored of season breakdowns, go ahead and read one more. It’s a well written piece.  Cacabelos also has a brief rundown of Mike Leach’s disappointing Pac-12 debut.

Here’s a quick recap of the UCLA win from our fellow blog, Go Joe Bruins.  Check them out anytime you are in need of UCLA coverage.

Same goes for the folks over at Hoyo’s Revenge, who bring us their post game thoughts on Utah’s drubbing of Northern Colorado.