The Morning Haul: 8/30


Good morning! As I tweeted yesterday, I was pouring a glass of milk, emptied the gallon, and looked down to see that the expiration date was September 1st.  When I’m finishing off gallons that expire on game day, I know it’s getting close.  Check the expiration date on your milk.  If it’s anytime in September, rejoice! While we still have a few days until Saturday’s match up against San Diego State, at least the first games of the season are starting today.  At this point, I’ll take any football I can get.  Give me Eastern Michigan at Ball State, I don’t care!  It isn’t like I’ll be watching any Pac-12 football, I have DirecTV.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Jerry Brewer with a very solid series of predictions for the 2012 football season.  I would disagree on a few specifics, but either way, we both end up predicting an 8-4 record.

A brand new documentary about the Husky program and fan base.  If that trailer doesn’t give you chills, I don’t know what will.  I, for one, am counting down the days until I can feel the noise of 70,000 fans once again.  Well, maybe more like 55,000 this week.

Gregg Bell with an illuminating story on Danny Shelton’s perseverance in the face of a terrible experience.  This, for me, is what sports writing is all about.  Taking a look into the hearts and minds of these players and letting them amaze and humble you.

To be fair, I did say there would be a lot of Condotta.  The guy is an all-star.  This particular story is about the emergence of starting cornerback Tre Watson and his difficult journey from walk on to scholarship player.