Update on The Husky Haul


The new football year is now less than a week away. This season looks to be promising in many ways, some of the big time talent is back, other positions have been reloaded, there are new coaches calling the shots. Excitement is in the air for Husky Nation.

The Husky Haul is also in the process of re-loading and re-tooling. There are some changes happening here, which I am sure by now you have picked up on. There are a few that are very exciting and others that are just re-tooling. All-in-all we will continue to bring you great opinions and coverage.

I, (Mark) am taking more of a backseat this year. I will still be around, but won’t be the day in and day out guy that is constantly posting content. I have taken on a bigger role at Fansided and am going to really hone in on that. However, I still get scoops on basketball recruiting from time to time. I still have opinions, and so you will still hear my voice.

The current all-stars for Husky Haul will be still rocking it. Griffin and his boys from Montlake Madness are still going strong with their basketball coverage. Carl will continually be dropping his quirky and history-filled pieces. Jeff will be around with his aggressive opinions, Sean is just getting started, and of course Walter will keep the links filled up for you at the hub.

I am close to picking out a content editor. But want to also extend the invite out to others that want to write for the site. Whether you can give a post a week or you are shooting for twice a day. Go ahead and fill this out.

Lastly, thanks to you the readers! This site turned out to be WAY MORE than I ever expected or dreamed. I really never expected to have over 1100 followers on twitter with thousands checking out the site a day. Thanks!