Nate Robinson Avoids Gunfire At Rucker Park Shooting


Nate Robinson, former UW star, found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time when Rucker Park (Harlem, New York) turned bloody with a violent shooting on Wednesday night.

The New York Daily News reports that “gunfire erupted around 10 p.m. [at Rucker Park]”. Robinson was attending an annual basketball tournament called the Entertainers Basketball Classic. He was not playing in the game but was standing on the sidelines watching.

The dispute originated over a bad call and one witness according to the New York Daily News said, the assailant pulled out a gun from his pocket and began to fire it at people nearby. Five people were hit with a bullet but no shot was fatal.

"“They started arguing, about a bad call or something like that,” said Rodney Harris, 47. “The guy was standing no more than five feet away from me. He pulled a gun out of his pocket and shot once. He then shot one more time. Everyone started running.”“He was real close to me,” Harris said. “I thought I got shot.”(New York Daily News)"

The point guard for the Golden State Warriors, was able to duck out when the chaos began and left like everyone else. However, so did the gunman, he walked across the street and there is no final say on whether the police were able to apprehend the suspect or not.

You can see the cell phone footage from the incident below (it cuts out after the first gunshot):

Robinson is known for supporting local and street level basketball. He loves to participate and help younger and amateur players improve. He has always been a guy that genuinely loves the game of basketball and spends his off time on a court in Seattle, New York, or wherever. He will continue to do so even in light of these events.