Washington Football: 5 Things We Learned From Pac-12 Media Day


The Pac-12 Media Day was yesterday and a lot of great things came out of it from many of the coaches. Each coach had their own nuggets that they dropped and many interesting topics, questions, concerns, and ideas were expressed yesterday by both coaches, players, and the media.

Here are five things that we learned (or re-learned) about UW at Pac-12 Media Day:

1. UW Projects to Only Start Four Seniors

This is a staggering number when you think about it. The majority of teams not only in the conference but in the nation are hoping to have primarily a junior and senior starting base. The Huskies are pushing for a sophomore and junior starting team.

2. The Defense is A Lot Better

Coach Steve Sarkisian states that the defense has had a “great spring and has been giving our offense fits”. He is impressed with the progression of the defense and what Justin Wilcox, Tosh Lupoi, Peter Sirmon, and Keith Heyward have already done to improve that.

The idea that the defense was giving the “offense fits” is either an alarming statement in the negative way for the offense. Or it shows how far a new scheme and coaching staff has helped improve the level of play on the defensive side of the ball. I believe it is the latter.

Coach Sark also takes the time to ask Desmond Trufant a question (because he hadn’t had one yet) about the defense, Trufant’s response is this:

"The defense is looking good. Spring ball went great, obviously in the beginning we had to learn it so there was some mistakes but once we stopped thinking we were playing and competing."

3. Tosh Lupoi wasn’t hired to poach Cal’s recruits.

Coach Sark spoke to the fact that many said that Coach Lupoi was hired simply to steal big name Cal recruits like Shaq Thompson. Sark said that was not the case and they hired Lupoi for his ability to recruit and coach in the long-term. They wouldn’t hire someone just for the short term it is for the long-term too.

4. Keith Price Said He Is Improving

Price talks about how he is still learning to get better in the game. He speaks to the fact that last season was only his first year as the quarterback. He wants to continue to improve. He specifically talks about recognizing defenses, changing protections, and helping the team into manageable situations/plays.

5. Coach Sark Talks About ‘Hybrid Defense’

Hau’oli Jamora, Andrew Hudson, and Josh Shirley is impressive depth at the defensive end position. Coach Sark told the media that the plan is to use them all in different schemes. The team won’t be exactly type-cast into one type of a defense. He says, “That’s kudos to Justin Wilcox, putting the guys in the best position to be successful when he’s on the field, and like I said, I thought our defense had a tremendous spring, and hopefully, that’s a sign of things to come.”