NCAA Hammers Penn State With Major Sanctions


Penn State officials covered up one of the biggest child rape scandals in the history of Sports and the NCAA let them know it with the sanctions they just dropped on Nittany Lions football.

Here are the sanctions via

"1. Penn State must reduce 10 initial scholarships and 20 total scholarships each year for four years.2. Four-year postseason ban.3. $60 million fine. Emmert says the money will go to organizations that help children.4. Vacate all wins from 1998 to 2011.  Joe Paterno wins record is thus wiped from the books.5. Penn State players are allowed to transfer immediately, without penalty."

Mark Emmert, the former president of the University of Washington and current president of the NCAA, commented today on the sanctions. Placing the value of 10 children ahead of 111 wins. Saying that this was to “make sure that football is never again placed ahead of educating, nurturing & protecting young people.”

This is where PSU went wrong in the first place when the officials, coaches, and leaders decided that wins and the false “integrity” of the program was more important than the young people Jerry Sandusky was coming in contact with. And that is why the NCAA dropped the hammer on the program. NCAA makes the majority of their money of sports but said with these sanctions, children and people are more important than money and wins.

It will take at least 10 years or more for Penn State to fully recover from these sanctions. It may never recover.

There will most likely be a mass exodus of players from Penn State in form of transfers. The recruiting situation could be tough for them and they will be playing with extra walk-ons because 65 is barely enough to field a quality team.

That all being said, how does this apply to Washington besides the obvious and don’t cover up illegal atrocities?

The transfers are essentially considered recruits at this point as they are allowed to be contacted by coaches and they can play right away. There will be no rule for them to sit out a year. This is where many programs around the country will try to capitalize. It may be hard to get them across the country but Coach Steve Sarkisian may try to snatch a player or two.