Tony Wroten Selected 25th By Memphis Grizzlies: Reaction


Tony Wroten was drafted 25th overall by the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2012 NBA Draft. Wroten will join another former Husky, Quincy Pondexter.

He landed in about the expected position, some had him lower, some had him higher. Ultimately around 20-30 is where many thought he would land.

Let’s look at  instant reaction from around the internet on the selection of Wroten.  We will look at Grizzlies Fan’s reaction,  Memphis Blogs, NBA Writer(s), Husky fans reaction, and more.

Random Memphis Fan Tweet

(this seems to be the general consensus for the Grizzlies fan base).

Grizzlies Site: Commercial Appeal (Memphis)

This is what the media in Memphis is saying about the pick and the scrutiny of Wroten’s shot.

"You know who else couldn’t shoot coming into the NBA draft? Rajon Rondo. You know who else? Ricky Rubio. You know who else? Russell Westbrook. You know who else? Mike Conley. No, Wroten will never be the “shooter” the Grizzlies have lacked for so long, but shooting (unlike, say, rebounding) is a skill that can be improved. In the meantime, the Grizzlies acquired a big, strong, explosive guy who can defend, get to the rim and see the court. Chris Wallace called him the second-best passer in the draft, behind North Carolina’s Kendall Marshall. That’s good stuff, right there."

NBA Writers Panel (Fansided)

There are four opinions of the pick on the panel. This is the one I felt worth sharing from Jack Winter. You can read the rest here.

"Wroten has potential for days, his combination of size, ballhandling ability, vision, and athleticism an extremely rare commodity. He can’t shoot at all and has some character concerns, but this late in the draft is easily worth the risk. He doesn’t fit well on this Grizzlies roster, though, as Mike Conley deserves the vast majority of lead guard minutes and the team lacks shooting. With next year in mind, Doron Lamb would have been a better pick. Long term, though, it’s tough to go wrong with Wroten."

Husky Fan Reaction

A fairly typical reaction from Husky fans. Most were just elation for two first round picks. But this type singled out just the selection of Wroten.

Husky Media Reaction

Gregg Bell of, you can read the full story here.

"Wroten joins former Husky Quincy Pondexter on the Grizzlies. Though they didn’t play together, Romar believes the UW bond will form immediately in Memphis.“I just know he is going to take Tony under his wing,” Romar said. “Tony is going to learn under him.”"