Huskies in The NBA Draft: Live Blog


Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten should both find themselves drafted in the first round. Ross could even make it into the top 10 and Wroten into the top 20. It could be the highest pair of picks for the Huskies in recent years.

Griffin Bennett and Mark Knight will be tracking the NBA draft and updating this post to keep you informed on what is happening with Ross and Wroten. Rumors, trades, speculation, and where they are selected. Have this open while you watch the draft or keep up with us while you are at work.

  • 7:30 – First round over. We are signing off. Check back tomorrow for thoughts on the Draft. (MK)
  • 7:10 – Wroten will join Quincy Pondexter in Memphis. And remember Memphis was  team that sold but is now maybe in limbo. VERY VERY small chance but possible that team could come to Seattle. (MK)
  • 7:06 – Don’t downplay the impact that having two players selected in the first round will have in recruiting. The number one thing that top players want to see is how the program will get them paid. (GB)
  • 6:51 – The NBA Draft selection committee slotted Wroten to go anywhere from the 5th to the 25th. He ended up 25th. (MK)
  • 6:49 – Memphis Grizzlies select Tony Wroten Jr. with the 25th overall pick. (MK)
  • 6:45 – Atlanta passes on Tony. Just goes to show that off season promises don’t mean much. Now I hope the Heat grab him up. (GB)
  • 6:36 – We heard all year that Atlanta “loves Wroten”. Let’s see how much. (GB)
  • 6:29 – Draft fatigue setting in. That or this drinking game is kicking in. (GB)
  • 5:51 – Rumors that Raptors are after Steve Nash to join Ross. (MK)
  • 5:48 – Starting to get into a realistic Wroten range as he is the best PG on the table. (MK)
  • 5:28 – From Dave “Softy” Mahler – “If the #Raptors pick up the option on Terrence Ross 3rd year, he’ll be guaranteed $6.7 Million” (MK)
  • 5:23 – From the ESPN Stats Twitter – “Terrence Ross is 4th UW player to be drafted in top 10 in common draft era Roy/Hawes/Schrempf” (MK)
  • 5:20 – Now does Wroten shoot up the draft boards, drop down the draft boards, or go where projected (bottom of first round)? (MK)
  • 5:18 – “First off I want to thank God, without him I wouldn’t be here. It’s a blessing.” He then credits his defensive ability and shooting as why the Raptors liked him. (MK)
  • 5:17 – Jay Bilas loves Ross’ shooting ability, says he and John Jenkins are the best shooters in the draft. He also lists rebounding and transition.
  • 5:16 – Toronto Raptors Select Terrence Ross. (MK)
  • 5:13 – Philadelphia 76er fans on Twitter are hoping for Terrence Ross. (MK)
  • 5:08 – We’re officially in Ross territory here. He could pop at any time now. (GB)
  • 4:44 – MJ and the Kittens take MKG with the second pick. The winner takes the winner. Great pick, in my opinion. (GB)
  • 4:38 – Davis to New Orleans. No shocker there. I love the snapback hats they’re giving out, though. Very stylish. – (GB)
  • 4:30 – Anyone in for a little drinking game? Drink if you hear “wingspan”, “upside”, “reach”, “ceiling”, or “potential”. More to come later, I’m sure. (GB)
  • 4:19 – The draft committee nailed the Wroten projection with 5-25. Huge range but he could fall to the bottom of the first round or could be a “crazy” pick early in the draft. NBA GMs slobber over potential. Wroten oozes potential. (MK)
  • 4:10 – My personal preferences for both of our guys: Ross goes New Orleans to create a great nucleus of Gordon/Davis/Ross and Wroten goes to a top contender like Boston/Miami/Atlanta/and maybe Memphis. (GB)
  • 3:50 – Terrence Ross sporting a green bow tie. Looking pretty fly! – (GB)
  •  3:48 – Draft Express updated his mock draft with Terrence Ross to the Bucks at 14. Wroten at 30 to Golden State. (MK)