Basketball Recruiting Explained Part 3: Players Perspective


This is part 3 of an evolving series on basketball recruiting. Hoping to help Husky fans to understand the ins and outs of basketball recruiting a little bit better.

This is a conversation in which the series will continue to evolve until either you are bored, I am bored, we both are bored, or I run out of material. If you have any questions that you want me to dive into make sure you drop me a line in the comment section.

You can read part 1 about first encounters here and part 2 on first contact here.

This week I stumbled upon a video about basketball recruiting with a lot of insight from Findlay Prep players including UW’s Nigel Williams-Goss. They talk about what it is like from a player’s perspective. Watch below:

Here is what I have found most often with players and recruiting, depending on the type of personality each player will react differently to recruiting.

  • Some recruits collect offers like trophies. They love offers and love to rep how many they have. Each school that offers them, they become extremely excited about, not because of the school but because of the offer.
  • Others dread recruiting and wish that the decision would just happen on it’s own.
  • A few really enjoy the process in an informed way.
  • There are some that find the recruiting process annoying; coaches calling them all the time, media calling them, etc.
  • A few tend to overvalue their talent and think they are WAY better than they are and drag out recruiting hoping for “a better offer.”

This is a pretty typical list across the board for all levels of recruits. Low-major recruits or D-2 recruits usually tend to enjoy the process a little more because they have less interest from schools and the media. Higher ranked recruits will tend to be more annoyed by the process or collect offers. However, you can find each in every level.

Recruiting from the player’s perspective is good to look at when we take in the whole of “Basketball Recruiting Explained”.