Terrence Ross Gets Invite to NBA Draft Green Room


Terrence Ross was invited by the NBA and David Stern to be part of the green room, which includes what the NBA thinks is the top 14 players in the draft.

This is a big invitation for Ross as he has been projected all over the place but has recently impressed many people; fans, general managers, media members, etc. He has been able to really show of his shot, his athleticism, and ability to play defense.

I have seen Ross mentioned as high as 7 because Jerry West seems to be really intrigued by Ross. Draft Express has him at 13 to the Suns, some have him in the top 10 and most have him around 15. However, there have been others that have put him in the 20 range.

In my opinion, both Ross and Tony Wroten could be one of those guys that make a leap up the draft board. In the NBA, general managers draft based on potential almost as much as any sport (baseball beats it out). And both Ross and Wroten show extreme potential and athleticism.

This invite  is big for Ross, it means a few things:

  • The NBA views him as one of the top 14 players in the Draft.
  • He will most likely get selected in the top 15. There was only one player that slipped out of the top 15 last year that sat in the green room, Chris Singleton who went 18 to the Washington Wizards.
  • Ross’ hype has increased ten-fold since his workouts with teams.

Thursday night is the draft. Stay tuned to see where Ross and Wroten goes. TheHuskyHaul.com will be covering it throughly; pre, during, and post draft.