Andrew Andrews Shows Off His 3pt Ability


Andrew Andrews is somewhat of an enigma for Husky fans because he has spent the last year as a red-shirt and the year before that as an under recruited point guard from Oregon. No one quite knows what to expect from him.

We can go off his summer game last year, where he impressed many but that isn’t enough to get a clear picture. And of course, many will be watching closely to his summer game this year. But we still crave more information on this under-rated player that has now accumulated hype for his freshman campaign.

Tonight, over twitter he showed what he can do from behind the 3pt line. He tweeted this picture to CJ Wilcox with the message, “I’m coming for you bro.”

You can find the picture here and the tweet here.

This is pretty impressive for the young freshman. And this should help relieve some concern about having a point guard with no range. He can drain them from three and is already gunning for Wilcox.

Not sure what Wilcox’s percent made is but it has to be just slightly higher because they both acknowledged on twitter that it was getting close. Regardless, 500/627 is a ridiculous amount of shots and to still put up 80% is impressive.

This is just the beginning of what looks to be a pretty impressive campaign for Andrews, he does seem to be the one that will most likely backup Abdul Gaddy and/or play alongside him in certain occasions.

OTHER NEWS: CJ Wilcox will be attending the Kevin Durant Skills camp. Terrence Ross was in attendance last year.