UCONN Huskies Banned From Post Season


The Connecticut Huskies are banned from the 2012-2013 post season due to low academic scores in the APR. There were 9 other basketball teams that also received a ban but the UCONN Huskies are the only major program to receive the punishment.

Normally, we don’t cover the “other” Huskies but this has implications for the Washington Huskies. As they will be facing each other in the next season, it shows that major programs are not exempt from education, and lastly that education is still and has been the primary reasons students should go to college.

Walter Harrison, NCAA Committee on Academic Performance Chariman, as told to USA Today said:

"“It sends a message to our teams and to our critics that we mean business. Teams need to take care of (academic) things first things first, or they won’t be able to play in the postseason. Those teams not eligible for the postseason need to think hard about who they recruit and how they support their student-athletes.”"

Washington basketball is taking care of business as they scored really high. It wasn’t one of the top programs in the country like Kansas with a perfect 1000. But it did score second in the Pac-12 behind Stanford. The Cardinal basketball program scored 989 and UW came in at 979.

The APR is a system developed to help pre-determine where programs are headed academically in terms of graduation rates. The higher the score the more likely the student is going to graduate and then the team is judged or graded by each player on scholarship. This is how the APR is determined.

The failing grade given out to UCONN means that as a whole the team is likely to not graduate due to academics.