Huskies In The 2012 NBA Draft Combine


Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten were the only Huskies invited to the NBA combine as they are the two that will be drafted. Ross and Wroten have been showing off their skills to NBA executives and all the buzz out of the combine is that both are drastically improving their draft stock.

Ross coming out of UW was projected as a potential lottery pick while Wroten heard that he could go anywhere between 5th and 25th. Wroten was projected with such a disparity because of how much fans, coaches, and NBA executives disagree about him. He is an enigma because he doesn’t really project like anyone currently in the NBA. There are a few that he shares similar traits with, but none where he looks to line up exactly like or even close.

Wroten has been compared to Tyreke Evans, Rajon Rondo, John Wall, Iman Shupert, Deron Williams, and even Gary Payton. However, it never quite fits. This is why when the NBA committee looked at him and the NBA they gave him such a wide range.

At the NBA combine both Ross and Wroten are impressing people.

Jeff Goodman of CBS put Ross in his 12 winners:

"Terrence Ross – I pegged Washington’s wing as a lottery pick prior to the start of the season — and he’s got a chance to move into the top 14. Ross has the length, athleticism and also the perimeter shot. He made more shots than most — and he also did a nice job on the defensive end."

And Wroten has brought a lot of praise too.

They both also came in a little bit taller in terms of measurements.

  • Wroten measured at 6’4 3/4 with no shoes on and 6’6 with shoes. That is taller than many expected him to be because basketball players are usually referenced with shoes on. He weighed 203, with a 6’9″ wingspan, and 8’5″ reach.
  • Ross measured at 6’6″ without shoes and 6’7″ with shoes on. This is about an inch higher than expected though as the season went on last year, people were noticing that he was just barely shorter than Darnell Gant. He weighed 196.6, with a 6’7 1/2″ wingspan, and a 8’5″ reach.
  • Wroten also was the fastest in the sprint. This is great for his stock as he not only was the fastest at his position but the fastest at the combine.

Ross has shown that he can really shoot the ball from all over the court, can play defense, and has tons of athleticism to get to the rim. The one thing scouts are still wanting to see from him is his dribbling.

Wroten on the other hand is showing the opposite in terms of shooting; he is struggling with his shot. But he has an explosive ability to get to the basket, showing impressive passes, athleticism, and improved defensive ability.

Many are now speculating that Ross will break into the top 15 and Wroten still has a shot to be a high draft pick on potential alone. The NBA loves potential.