Tyree and Tyrell Robinson: Two Sport Athletes


Tyree and Tyrell Robinson are being highly recruited by schools all over the country. They have picked up about 20 offers alone in the last couple months. However, they are limiting the schools that have a shot with them unintentionally with the two major things they want from a university.

1. They are a package deal.

They told Rival’s Adam Gorney, ‘we came into the world as a package and we want to go to a university as a package.’ This being said, any schools that have only offered one twin and not the other won’t be considered. Which limits their options.

2. They want to play both football and basketball in college.

There are many recruits that say that they want to play both but often it doesn’t work out. But with the Robinson twins they are ranked in both sports. They are not only receiving basketball offers and basketball coaches are asking the football coach to do them a favor and offer them too. Football coaches are going hard for these two as much as basketball coaches.

Rivals list both as 4-star prospects in football and Tyree is a 4-star in basketball while Tyrell is a 3-star. Scout has Tyree as a 3-star in football and Tyrell as a 2-star. But in basketball Tyree is a 4-star and Tyrell is a 3-star. They are obviously talented in both sports.

These two above requirements for a university are what will help them decide on their future school. This isn’t going to be easy but at the same time they still have coaches lining up for them.

Rivals states that they have over 30 offers and many of those are for both football and basketball. However, one school that is towards the top of their list; Washington.

UW is always one of the first schools out of their mouth when they list schools they are interested in. They are planning a visit to Washington and both Lorenzo Romar and Steve Sarkisian are eager to have the twins. They are hot commodities and some even say they could be the best “athletes” on the west coast.

These are two names to keep an eye on, especially because now UW has a big recruiting tool for high school recruits that want to play both sports; Austin Seferian-Jenkins.