Psalm Wooching: Psalm 44


When watching Kealakehe (Kailua-Kona) high football video with the intent of evaluating Husky fullback recruit Psalm Pulemagafa Wooching (#44 or #28), the first thing you notice is, well, Psalm Wooching. He jumps out at you. A big (6’ 3.5” 210 (now around 220)) lb. tailback, it’s difficult not to notice Wooching.

Other noticeable things are his vision, balance, lateral quickness and aggressiveness. Perhaps the best indications of Wooching’s natural abilities appear in video clips of him on defense and special teams.

Watching Hawai’ian high school football is always enjoyable because all of those kids play hard and go to the whistle. Wooching, nevertheless, stands out. Like most Hawai’ian players, Wooching plays with intensity but, invariably, when he hits an opposing player, the opposing player stays hit. Some don’t get up right away.

Wooching has an attitude that every recruiter wants to see. On the field, he enjoys a combination of size, talent and mental toughness which should result in relatively early playing time. Off the field, his reputation is one of rectitude.

When watching Wooching run, the first thing that comes to mind is the kid’s already a horse. His speed is not bad but it’s not Div. I tailback speed. Fullback? That makes a lot more sense, and there is little doubt that Wooching can muscle up to around 245 lbs., getting much stronger and a little faster. Think of Rick Fenney or a taller Pat Conniff.

Wooching was a hot commodity when he was being recruited, and initially committed to UCLA after his junior year but, with coaching changes at UCLA, was ultimately swayed to Washington by Head Coach Steve Sarkisian. Not long thereafter, Wooching was joined by his Big Island friend, O-lineman Shane Brostek out of Hawai’i Prep.

Being a hot commodity, by the way, is nothing new for Wooching who is a competent fire dancer. For those who are planning to go to Hawai’i for the first time, when making arrangements, attempt to attend a luau where fire dancing is part of the show. It’s quite impressive, particularly if you can find a performance where several big kanakas get on a roll together, essentially preparing for war – “Is no boolshit, man” – and you’ll quickly appreciate what Wooching can do.

For a more relaxing moment, if you’re in the vicinity of Wooching’s hometown of Kailua-Kona, find the Manta Ray Bar & Grill and watch one of Kona’s renown sunsets (enhanced by volcanic particles and partial cloud cover) with live Hawai’ian music in the background. You’ll get some insight as to another reason why many people call Hawai’i “paradise.”

Video also shows that Wooching has soft hands, and he was used as a receiver on occasion at Kealakehe High. In fact, various video clips ultimately show Wooching doing just about everything at one point or another including convincingly leading the haka. When it comes to versatility, Washington Head Basketball Coach Lorenzo Romar would be impressed. And if Psalm can learn to sing as well as his beautiful sister, Hero, then he’ll have everything covered. Seriously, give Psalm a redshirt year to learn and get Pac-12 strong, and it will be very difficult to keep him off the field.