Jon Brockman And The UW ‘Swagga Suit’


Jon Brockman has placed a handful of UW students on the map with the “Swagga Suit”. He was photographed in an adult sized onesie blazoned with a huge Washington “W” across the chest. It was posted to the UW Swagga Suit Facebook page and then spread like wildfire. You can see one of those images to the right.

He was featured in this Yahoo! article, and this NBC sports piece, and much more. While the articles poke fun at the idea, the fact of the matter is this idea is spreading like crazy.

It is the brainchild of current University of Washington students, when they wanted to represent UW from top to bottom. Literally from head to toe.

Their website says it was born this way:

"SWAG is short for Sweet Washington Athletic Gear.  Here at SWAG we specialize in one thing and one thing only…Straight up FANDIMONIUM!  SWAG was founded in 2012 by a group of UW students looking to put a little different touch on fan apparel. After sitting in a locked room for a total of 13.5 hours we not only became good friends but we decided to produce jumpsuits… The sequence of events behind this decision is a little blurred but let’s just say things got weird and in the end here we are and here is our awesome product… The Original Swagga Suit!"

This is hardcore. This has the potential to bring in lots of ridicule but also the potential to bring in support and loads of money. Husky fans are tweeting about how they want one. The chances are high that there will be multiple Dawg Pack members wearing this next season. There may even be a “Swagga Suit” night.

Whether you think this is a bad idea or not. It is innovative and different. It is loud and proud. This Swagga Suit will sell, and most likely sell by the truck load. Mainly because they are already looking to expand out and according to their twitter account, @swaggasuit, they are sending a prototype to the Bucks.

It has caught fast, as according to their Facebook timeline this was only launched in February and there have already been a handful of big-time articles, twitter posts, Facebook updates, etc. Good press or bad, this is catching on.

As these young inventors/clothing designers begin to branch out, they will quickly learn that sporting apparel is a 100 billion dollar industry and just tapping into a small part of it could make these UW enthusiasts the next big thing out of the University of Washington.

If you are wanting to buy one, you can go here. They are being sold for $59.99 a piece.