Huskies in NFL Rookie Camps


There are a few Huskies that have already signed contracts or were drafted (or both) by NFL teams. These Huskies are obviously in NFL rookie camps for their respective teams. There are other Huskies however, that went undrafted and did not sign an undrafted free-agent contract. These players are trying out for teams and looking for jobs in the NFL.

The Huskies that are signed or drafted are Senio Kelemete to the Arizona Cardinals, Alameda Ta’amu to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chris Polk to the Philadelphia Eagles, and Jermaine Kearse to the Seattle Seahawks.

The others are looking for a team by trying out in different locations:

Out of these four players look for Dennison and Folk to find their way on to rosters. Both have a the ability to play in the NFL, but both have to fight an uphill battle to get on a squad.

Dennison was part of a terrible defense but was the most productive player for that defense. He isn’t flashy but he makes tackles, this alone will help him get an invite to a training camp. He won’t impress in speed or agility but not many will work as hard or have such a nose for the ball like Dennison.

Folk is a very accurate kicker with a pretty proven track record. However, kicker jobs are hard to come by, it may take him a few team tryouts before he lands a gig. Kickers are even known to go a few years out of college before they land a job in the NFL. Supply is high for kickers but the demand is low.

Middleton is a very talented player but lacks motivation off the field, or at least he did when he was playing for the Huskies. But if he gets his act together, he could be a very impressive professional athlete.

Lastly, there is Thompson who may find his way onto a practice squad but as of now he is not getting any looks by teams.