Tony Wroten Is Compared to Who?


Tony Wroten Jr. is labeled as an enigma by many, not only on the court but off. He has been called a “showboat”, “head-case”, “selfish”, and many other such names by his critics. His fans have used words like; “impressive”, “powerful”, “personable”, “charming”, and other similar adjectives. This has always been a debate since he set foot on the campus.

However, what isn’t debated is that Wroten has an extreme amount of talent. He is strong, athletic, and can find his way to the hole. He has decided that with his talent and mindset that he is ready for the NBA and about a month ago decided to enter his name into the draft.

He said he was projected between the picks of 5-25. This is a huge range! Many of you are probably thinking, if the committee is giving out that big of ranges, where do I submit my resume?

I think that this extreme range is partly due to the fact that he isn’t like any other player in the NBA. Or is he? Jeff Goodman tweeted yesterday this message:

I started to think about it, and mind you I don’t watch a ton of NBA especially once the Sonics were stolen, but I also couldn’t come up with a clear-cut example of who Wroten plays like. Therefore, I did some digging.

Draft Express says he plays similar on offense to Tyreke Evans:

"He’s a very ball dominant player who sees the majority of his looks in isolations or pick-and-rolls, being aTyreke Evans-esqe force at times lowering his shoulder and barreling his way into the lane."

In the forums, a commenter questions if Wroten’s skill set is more similar to John Wall:

"After seeing today’s Washington game I’m convinced that Wroten is a better passer than tyreke [evans] and I would say a more “willing” passer as well, with all this tyreke/wroten comparison, I was thinking to myself what other player is there at that size with similar skill set?John Wall?"

The TrailBlazers SB Nation site had a discussion on drafting Wroten and someone brought up a comparison to Rajon Rondo:

"Rondo. Wroten has the tools to be the next Rondo, and truthfully he has the court vision, the question is, once in the NBA can he learn to make the easy pass, instead of the highlight one."

Obviously, these last two are not from experts but from fans. However, fans are more willing to offer their opinions on the comparison game than many experts are at this point. Goodman received replies to that tweet from fans saying: John Wall, Rajon Rondo, Iman Shupert, Antonio Daniels, and a left-handed JR Rider.

No one seems to have a grasp on who plays like Wroten. He seems to have his own unique style and/or holes in his game that many point guards don’t have. However, if you had to nail it down to one player, who do you think Wroten plays most like?

What do you think?