2012 NFL Draft Recap: Washington Huskies


The NFL Draft is now over, and it came with many twists and turns. The Huskies were deemed to have four draft-able players; Chris Polk, Alameda Ta’amu, Senio Kelemete, and Jermaine Kearse. Only two of those four were drafted. However, those four and a few more Huskies all ended up on NFL rosters after the draft.

The most notable shocker for Washington was watching Polk slip from a second round projected draft pick to undrafted with no real explanation to why. There were countless reports of a hip problem, Polk later denied those reports, and some even say it was due to the shoulder surgey he had a year ago. However, that doesn’t seem right considering that problem was cleared by a doctor and he even performed exceptional after it.

There were a few others that even said that GMs were scared of him because he had “reached his peak” in college. That also doesn’t seem to explain it. But whatever the issue truly was, he fell hard and fast.

He did land on a team after the draft as did a few other Huskies that went undrafted.

The list below shows all the Huskies that found a team, either on draft day or after in free agency.

Here is how the Huskies fared as a class:

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