NFL Draft Day 2 And No Huskies Drafted


Chris Polk and Alameda Ta’amu both were snubbed on day two of the NFL Draft. Round two went by and no Husky name was called, then round three came and went and the same story.

Polk was at one time considered by some experts as a potential draftee in the late first round but most likely a second round pick. He is now hoping to be drafted in the fourth round, tomorrow. He didn’t slip based on what he did but more on what position he plays, running back. This position tends to be looked over after the first few elite backs are drafted.

Ta’amu was also considered to be a second to third round pick but has fallen into at least the fourth round. Jesse Bartolis from thought Ta’amu may even have a shot to slip into the first round but more than likely would be a second round pick:

"Maybe, strong emphasis on maybe Ta’amu. But I don’t think any of them will go in the first round. Ta’amu and Polk could both go in the second round. Ta’amu I’m more confident in that happening than Polk."

It shows how fast things can change on draft day(s). Both Ta’amu and Polk will be steals and/or great pickups by the team that finds them this late in the draft.

Senio Kelemete may have had a shot to be in the third round but many see him as a fourth round pick. Thus, he may have been hoping for a call today but was assuming that tomorrow would be when his name was selected. This essentially means, that three Huskies could be drafted in the fourth round.

Jermaine Kearse, however, is projected as a seventh round pick. He could find his way into the sixth but with the way things have gone in this draft he may find himself undrafted and needing to sign an undrafted free-agent contract.

Seahawks/Huskies fans are hoping that the Hawks will grab Polk or Ta’amu in the fourth round.