Chris Polk: Where Could He Go In The NFL Draft?


Chris Polk is awaiting his fate in day 3 of the NFL draft and he, along with many Husky fans are wondering where he will end up. There are a few options out there that still make sense, and at this point he would be considered a steal.

UPDATE: Speculation is that teams are nervous of Chris Polk’s shoulders. However, he didn’t miss games in college and he was cleared by a doctor.

I tapped into the website, which measures how much a player is being talked about in the media and relates it to a specific team. Each player is graded on “media receptivity” and then it keeps track in order from least to most which teams are being mentioned by media with which player.

Chris Polk’s top teams he is mentioned with are (in order): Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, and there are more but those are the top ones worth mentioning.

The general consensus is that Polk will be drafted in the early part of the first round. The picks from the teams above are as follows:

Detroit- 22 (117 overall)

Green Bay- 37, 38 (132, 133 overall)

Seattle- 11, 19 (106, 114 overall)

Denver- 6, 13 (101, 108  overall)

Cincinnati- 21 (116 overall)

New York Giants- 32, 36 (127, 131 overall)

San Francisco- 2 (97 overall)

This doesn’t mean that each of these will be chomping at the bit to get Polk but that the media has linked them together and the fourth round is the likely round that Polk will go. Does he go early to the 49ers or late to the Giants?

**If you use the links above, you can find one of the articles by the city’s media in relation to Polk.**