Alameda Ta’amu: Where Could He Go In The NFL Draft?


Alameda Ta’amu is awaiting his fate in day 3 of the NFL draft and many thought he would have been taken in the second round, or at least the third. Now he is looking at a round four pick. Where could he go?

I tapped into the website, which measures how much a player is being talked about in the media and relates it to a specific team. Each player is graded on “media receptivity” and then it keeps track in order from least to most which teams are being mentioned by media with which player.

Ta’amu’s top teams in order of most mentions by the media are: Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Detroit Lions, San Diego Chargers, and there are more but those are the top ones worth mentioning.

Ta’amu was projected as a second to fourth round pick and thus it is safe to assume that he will be picked in the early part of the fourth round. The picks from the teams above are as follows:

Kansas City Chiefs- 12 (107 overall)

St. Louis Rams- 1 (96 overall)

Dallas Cowboys- 18 (113 overall)

Seattle Seahawks- 11, 19 (106, 114 overall)

Pittsburgh Steelers- 24 (119 overall)

Indianapolis Colts- No pick in the fourth round

Houston Texans- 4 (99 overall)

This is a pretty sizable list and there may be some solid interest as early as the Rams and as late as the Steelers and you can safely assume that if he makes it to the fifth he may be taken by any team that sees him as a steal. Who grabs him in the fourth round? Is it one of these teams above or another team?

**If you click the links above you can see an article by the media that relates to Ta’amu and the respective team.**