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NFL Draft: Q&A with NFL Mocks on Huskies in the Draft


Jesse Bartolis of was kind enough to talk with us about tonight’s NFL Draft and how he sees it playing out for former Husky players.

Jermaine Kearse, Chris Polk, Alameda Ta’amu, and Senio Kelemete are all in the draft and could find themselves on an NFL roster by the end of the weekend.

Do you see all four of the Huskies being drafted- Chris Polk, Senio Kelemete, Alameda Ta’amu, and Jermaine Kearse?

Yes I do. The first three for sure, and Kearse as well, as high as the fifth round. Kearse has a lot of the necessary physical tools, but he’s never put it all together. Wide-receiver depth in this class hurts him as well. Starting potential in a day three pick is great though.

Has Polk’s draft stock taken a hit in the last month or so? 

Polk’s stock hasn’t taken a hit, just his positional value. Polk could go anywhere from the 2nd round to the 4th round. Polk lacks elite speed which can be a turn-off and why he’s probably a late third round pick.

What team do you see as the best fit for Alameda Ta’amu?

I think he’s versatile enough to play in most systems. I think he’s best suited as a 4-3 DT because he penetrates well, and he can also collapse the pocket. Ta’amu has the same problem as Kearse-consistency, he just has more raw talent.

How does Kelemete project at the next level?

A high upside interior offensive linemen, who has  a mean streak. Kelemete is raw with his hand technique and footwork and would  probably struggle as a pass blocker initally. A developmental guard with round 5 as my guess for where he ends up being drafted. 

Out of these four who do you see having the best NFL career?

I think it depends where they are drafted. Ta’amu has the best upside of the four. I think initially Polk will make the most immediate impact. However, I don’t love Ta’amu has a NT prospect. 

If Kearse goes undrafted is there anyone you think would have strong interest in signing him to an undrafted free agent contract?

That’s hard to predict before we see who address the WR position (and perhaps  teams will do so a few times), but I think he’d be a priority free agent if he was available for a lot of teams. 

Do any of these have a shot at being a first round surprise pick?

Maybe, strong emphasis on maybe Ta’amu. But I don’t think any of them will go in the first round. Ta’amu and Polk could both go in the second round. Ta’amu I’m more confident in that happening than Polk. 

Finally, many Husky fans are also Seahawks fans, could any of these players be Seahawks targets?

Sure! Polk might do well in Seattle. They could use another running back and I think he could be good value early in round four. If he lasts that long. 

Thanks Jesse!