Husky Basketball: One Scholarship Left


The Huskies have had a quiet year of recruiting for 2012 but in the last month things have picked up dramatically as UW has brought in two new players.

Washington lost fifth year senior Darnell Gant due to graduation and two players to the NBA draft; Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten. The Huskies have added JUCO shooting guard Mark McLaughlin and a transfer center from San Francisco in Perris Blackwell.

The Huskies have lost three and added two without a scholarship left over from the previous season. This leaves the Dawgs with one remaining scholarship for 2012. There are a few questions that come with that last remaining scholarship.

Will they use it?

  • There is a section of fans that think that Romar may save that last remaining scholarship for the 2013 class. In case a big haul does come the Husky way.
  • There is another section of fans that are still wondering about the Dave “Softy” Mahler tweet that said there could be another transfer coming in soon. This tweet came quickly after the Blackwell announcement that he was transferring to Washington.
  • Finally, there are some still looking to the 2012 recruiting class to see who comes in from there.
  • The general consensus is that Lorenzo Romar and his coaching staff do plan to use the last scholarship in this class.

Who is still out there?

2012 Recruiting

  • William Howard- nothing has been said about Howard in months. No one, even the top experts in recruiting, has any idea what is going on in the Howard situation. At this point, you have to wonder if there is eligibility concerns with Howard. However, he is still out there.
  • Jordan Tebbutt- the rumors have been swirling about Tebbutt, however, sources are telling me that UW has cooled considerably on him. He isn’t really on the radar.
  • Darrick Wood- is a really skilled guard but there isn’t as much room on the roster as Wood may like. He hasn’t eliminated UW but there are others coming hard that can offer more minutes out of the gate.


Tracking transfers, getting information on transfers, and figuring out where they plan to go is not easy. They don’t usually have as much fanfare as recruits do. They don’t do announcements, they often don’t have a reporter that they are speaking with, and they are out of the spotlight. This all means that figuring out what schools are after what transfers is a chore and most information isn’t available about them until they are already on a campus (and sometimes not even then).

Therefore, I have no indication on what transfers UW is looking at or even if they are looking at transfers. The complete list of transfers is here. Is there anyone on that list whom you could see as a potential transfer?

Jeff Taylor, a staff writer here at The Husky Haul, brings up two possibilities in rumors he has heard.

Keith Coleman- A 6’9 JUCO that de-committed from Nebraska. He would have three years of eligibility left.

Fahro Alihodzic- Is also a big man that de-committed from Nebraska. He is a 6’10 center that could play immediately.

Or could Lorenzo Romar pull another rabbit out of his hat this year and grab a guy that no one knows about? Stay tuned.