Could Perris Blackwell Play for UW in 2012-2013?


Perris Blackwell has recently transferred from the University of San Francisco to the University of Washington and has one remaining year of eligibility. There is no doubt that the Huskies could use him for either this year or the next but some argue that for 2012-2013 it will be more important.

I have heard from multiple sources that Blackwell is fine with sitting out a year but there may be a way he is granted eligibility immediately. Even Blackwell himself admits on his twitter that he is unsure whether or not he will play next season or not. See the tweet below.

How can he obtain immediate eligibility? This can come in one of two ways.

1. Graduation- There is a chance that Blackwell could graduate if he finishes his degree over the summer at San Francisco. If he has his Bachelor’s degree, he will be able to play immediately as he transfers into the graduate program at the University of Washington.

2. Waiver- This is also known as a “Hardship Waiver”. This waiver is generally given out to transfers that have had serious injuries and were forced to sit out for a year. There have also been waivers given out to transfers because of medical issues in their family or the University they are transferring out of had some sort of issue. This is what many fans are wondering about San Francisco, as six players are transferring out of USF. That is an alarming amount of transfers out of one program.

Out of the two options, the first seems more likely. Blackwell has not, nor has other players that are transferring out of USF mentioned a specific reason that would point to a detrimental cause for a mass exodus. There seems to be individual reasons for each. However, if something is to come out, this could be an avenue for getting immediate eligibility.

While many fans point to 2013 as the year that Romar could have a huge haul of NBA ready players, Blackwell can be utilized in either class. There isn’t anyone that is like him on the current roster or even the potential roster from the 2013 recruiting class. He plays back to the basket in the paint, and loves to score as a center. While his overall line of 12.7 points and 6.1 rebounds a game isn’t overwhelming, it is solid. And he has had some impressive games last season; he had 12 games of 15+ points and he had four double-doubles.

Regardless of where Blackwell lands, he is fine with sitting a year, and he will be a big addition for the Huskies in either class.