Jernard Jarreau: The Next Star Husky?


Last week, I examined Andrew Andrews and came to a conclusion that he will be a great point guard for this Huskies team. This week let’s look at another red-shirt for the Huskies, Jernard Jarreau.

Jarreau can be a major factor next season like Andrews. Early in high school, Jarreau was a guard standing at 6’3 but he had a growth spurt and blossomed to 6’10 with a wingspan of 7 foot 7. Anthony Davis is another player that had a similar jump in growth. This lead to guard abilities in a long and lanky body.

In terms of skills, Jarreau has a good mid-range jumper and the ability to hit the three when needed. For a guy whose wingspan is 7 foot 7 this dude has mean ball-handling skills.

Though he has a great skill set, two flaws that remain for Jarreau is body control and strength. This could be a challenge for him as he is a very lanky player and could end up in serious foul trouble down in the post area.

For the most part, because he has shown that he has great ball handling skills we know that he can control and focus his body. But when games get intense and the Huskies need a down low presence to play solid D can Jarreau be that guy? This is also where added strength would be nice because he will need that to grab tough rebounds and contest shots in the paint area.

Jarreau however did say that he gained an extra 15 pounds before the season had begun and team trainers have been working with him to develop that strength his entire red-shirt season. He will be stronger next season, the question is: how much stronger?

The book has yet to be written on Jarreau and the potential is big. Some have him compared to North Carolina’s John Hensen who has a knack for blocking shots or Kevin Durant who is of a similar build but can score like no other. One thing that we know is that Jarreau is a talented player who will have a major impact when he steps on the court next season because of his size and versatility. He could play a vital role in helping this team make the big dance next year and for years in the future.

Romar is really excited about getting him out there and letting him have some good playing time. Jarreau says that his role on the team is to play strong defense, rebound, and if he has a shot; take it.

To Husky fans that is music to their ears, hearing a player that is willing to help this team win and who has already clearly defined his role on the team. Jernard is going to be a mismatch for most teams this next season and it all comes from that versatility that he brings to the table. If he can strengthen himself he can be a great low post scorer and as well as a great defensive presence.