One and done, Wroten declares for the NBA


by: Griffin Bennett

Two days after his teammate Terrence Ross decided to leave for the NBA, Tony Wroten joined him in leaving Montlake and will hire an agent to prepare for his future as a pro. His time at UW was brief and not without controversy. He may have been the most polarizing Husky in recent memory but his skills are undeniable.

Is he ready to make the jump? Most will say he’s not. He has not jumper to speak of and never seemed to completely master the team concept in college. He could definitely have used another year to develop at UW.

On the other hand, there are reports that teams like the Atlanta Hawks have told him that they love him and will take him in the first round. It’s hard for any man to turn down guaranteed money and your dream in the NBA. It’s hard to hate a kid for chasing his dream.

I think what rubs Husky fans the wrong way about this is that he preached his loyalty to Seattle and UW all throughout his recruitment and into the season. He even went as far to say that he was going to stay all four years at UW and lead us to a Final Four (no one believed him). After failing to get the Huskies even to the NCAA tournament, he decided to leave the team ‘high and dry’ without even a guarantee to be a lottery pick.

Either way, it’s time to move on. I trust that Tony and his family made the right decision and I think he will eventually thrive in the NBA.

On to next year.

Speaking of that… Poll time!