Lorenzo Romar And Coaching Rumors


Lorenzo Romar is always going to be linked to coaching rumors as jobs open up. This is a sign of his success but at the same time a sign that many around the nation don’t see Washington as one of the elite programs in the nation.

The thought process is this; Romar has done a great job at Washington, look what he has done with that program, the _______  job is open and thus Romar must be interested in it because it is a better gig than UW. This is what happens with many good to great coaches that aren’t considered at the “elite” programs or the programs with rich “history”. We see it with Mark Few, Brad Stevens, Shaka Smart, Rick Barnes, and many others.

Let’s be clear, there are many coaches that do leave their established programs for a new gig at a more “premier” school. We see many coaches rotate year after year. Yet there are those that have no desire to leave and they have said so on multiple occasions but are somehow always thrown into recruiting rumors when “elite” jobs surface.

This isn’t to say that Romar will never consider leaving or never interview somewhere else but until he proves otherwise, why not believe his words when he says he is loyal to Washington. He has been at UW for 10 years and has a winning percentage of 66%. He has said he loves Washington, he graduated from Washington, and he hasn’t chased other jobs. He has proven that the rumors are most often just that, rumors.

Therefore, when you see Romar’s name linked to Illinois or any other job opening, remember that he has proven over the course of 10 years that he wants to be at Washington. Remember that the rumors are existent because of his success at UW, and lastly that the Huskies are still not quite listed as an elite basketball program by the nation.

Romar has told Husky Nation that he isn’t leaving. He has his dream job.