NIT Tournament: Washington Huskies Are A 1 Seed


The Washington Huskies were one of a handful of bubble teams that did not make the NCAA tournament field. The NIT quickly placed UW in their field making the Huskies one of the top seeds in the NIT bracket. The will host the University of Texas-Arlington on Tuesday at 7pm for the first round of the NIT.

The other top three seeds were Seton Hall, Tennessee, and Arizona. The order of seeds being Seton Hall, Washington, Arizona, and Tennessee.

The Huskies have a chance to play in Madison Square Garden again if they are able to make it thru the first few rounds. While this may be the NIT tournament and not the NCAA tournament, Washington won’t have a free ride. In fact, they could potentially play another team that barely missed the NCAA bracket, Northwestern, in the second round. And the Huskies could end up seeing the Oregon Ducks again in the third round.

UW has had a roller coaster ride this season, sometimes performing up to their talent, other times vastly under what their skill level should dictate, but mostly somewhere in between. This should prove for a wild run or lack there of in the NIT. The good news for Husky fans is that UW will be able to at least host a game or two giving the Huskies a home court advantage.

Fans will have a chance to watch a few more games in Alaska Airlines Arena before this season ends.

The NIT features four teams from the Pac 12. Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Stanford all received bids and Oregon and Stanford both received a #3 seed while Washington and Arizona were labeled as #1 seeds. Washington could even potentially see Arizona in the final games if both win their side to the bracket.

If you would like to check out the bracket and who else UW could face in the next couple of weeks. Here is the link to the bracket.