Q&A With A USC Trojan Site: Reign of Troy


The University of Washington Men’s Basketball team takes to LA this week and their first matchup is against the USC Trojans tomorrow night. The Huskies are looking at both games as a must win and their first step is against a lowly Trojans team. We talked with Michael Castillo from ReignofTroy.comabout the upcoming matchup.

1. Is this a game that USC can win?

I think we both know the answer to this. SC’s chances to win this game rest solely in the fluke chance that Romar brings in a team that is looking ahead to UCLA, and expecting an off night. So unless they’re looking ahead or all come down with a case of the Trojan Trots, SC doesn’t have a chance.

2. Is USC playing defeated or will they come out fired up?

USC has been defeated since Jio Fontan blew out his knee over the summer. With just six scholarship players, it’s hard to be fired up. The only thing SC has to play for was the oft chance that they’d draw Utah in the Pac-12 Tournament to give the Trojans a chance at winning a tournament game. That won’t happen and the Trojans have nothing at all to play for.

3. Does Kevin O’Neil find the door after this season?

I think he should go. Not because he’s a bad coach, as he’s had a ton of bad luck going back to his Arizona days, but the team, the school, the fans need something to look forward to and something to revitalize this program. The Trojans were kind of a big deal back with Tim Floyd, and they need that gusto back, just without the slipping of checks to one-and-done superstars.

4. How does the fan base feel about this season?

Hard to say. The interest is completely non-existant and the team has been the butt of jokes. But I think everyone knows that injuries have been cruel to the Trojans this year, and next year’s team could be as good as Cal or Washington is this year. Having said that, the sentiment with USC Basketball is that they’ll always let you down, and it’ll take a bit to build some spirits back, especially if O’Neill is retained.

5. How does the fan base feel about this game?

Let’s just say the Clippers play the same night. USC basketball is on such a preverbal back burner, it’s crazy.

6. How can USC win this game?

By sending Trenise (another ReignofTroy.com writer) to the UW locker room with some tainted coffee for the players.

7. How can USC lose this game?

By showing up on time.

8. Prediction: Who wins this game, and what is the score?

Washington wins big, 68-45. The Huskies jump out to a big lead in the first half and rest the troop in the second half, but it won’t matter.

9. One more, does USC sneak a win in the Pac-12 tournament?

If they manage to make the football teams play, USC might have a chance at winning a couple of games. Marqise Lee can ball some ball they say.