Terrence Ross: To Stay Or To Go To the NBA


There is no doubt that Terrence Ross is ready to go to the NBA. He has the talent, he plays like a pro, and if he can become consistent throughout a whole game that would push him over the top.

If he decided to leave UW, most Husky fans would be alright with that choice. Ross has been averaging 15 points, 6 rebounds on 31 minutes a game. The dude is clearly ready. As you watch the highlight tapes of this season, you can see that he shoots from the perimeter, knows when to pass the ball and can play pretty good defense. He is an all around guard that Wroten isn’t just yet.

However, if the young Huskies are poised to make a huge run in the tournament next season, it would be the right move for Ross to stick around and play one more year with Wroten as they prove that they are the best guard duo in UW’s history.

As of now, I don’t see the Huskies going far into the March tournament because they are still a team that is trying to figure themselves out.

If the team wants to go far this season, Ross needs to lead this team and show that he is a consistent player not only in the second half, but the first half of each game and vice versa. Ross is going to be a lottery pick and he will sign a nice contract in the NBA, but this is something that Ross will take time to think about. He has a couple choices: whether he wants to stay a year to lead this team into NCAA tournament glory while cementing his name into Husky basketball glory or go pro and prove that he can compete with the best guards in the league.

This isn’t like the issue with Tony Wroten, who has holes in his game and another year would truly benefit him. Ross will be okay either way.

Coach Romar, on his weekly radio show, stated it perfectly how both Ross and Wroten are playing this year, “I think they’ve been very good about not playing this year and approaching it with one foot in and one foot out. Both feet have been in with our program, which is very good.” This shows on the court.

Ross isn’t thinking about the famed life of the NBA and that isn’t a distraction for him. He has been fully committed to helping this team win. The potential to be a great, dynamic pro is there for Ross and that potential he showed in high school to be a star was the one of the reasons why the Huskies recruited him. The same idea is with the NBA.

According to Romar, he sees it that way and he provides a great example on being “ready.” Romar stated, “They’re drafting them a lot of times off of potential. If we get a commitment from a kid that’s a junior in high school, we feel he will eventually be ready. But could he play that night in the Pac-12? Probably not unless he’s a really dynamic basketball player. But probably not. We’re taking his commitment because we feel he’s projecting to where we feel he’s going to be a fine basketball player for us.”

The ball is in Ross’s court whenever the season concludes. There is no right or wrong choice for Ross. One thing we can say for sure is that Ross has made his mark on this team. So, what do you think? Ross goes or stays? Also, how well do you think he’ll play in the NBA if he decides to go?