2012 Basketball Recruiting: Is Romar Recruiting a Need?


There is a lot that goes into basketball recruiting but most often a program recruits based on the current players that will be leaving. They need to replace those that are going with players that are coming. Then, of course, a program will recruit based simply around the talent of a player regardless of position.

Lorenzo Romar and the Washington Huskies are recruiting in both of these categories. Or are they?

Last year, the Huskies needed to completely reload, they were grabbing guys at almost every position. But this year with only one graduating senior, it is easier to see what Romar thinks will happen at the end of this season. If we take a look at who the Huskies are after in this year’s 2012 recruiting class, this may give us a glimpse into what Romar sees as a need for next year.

Here is a small sample of what you can find on our 2012 recruiting page.

NamePositionScout Grade
Jordan TebbuttSF3-star
Anthony BennettPF5-star
Victor RobbinsSF3-star
Marvelle HarrisSG3-star
William HowardSF/PF3-star
Zena EdosomwanPF4-star
Sam Cassell Jr.PG3-star
Marcel WhiteSFNR
Anthony JanuarySF3-star
Quentin JuddSGNR
Darrick WoodSG3-star

To break down specific numbers:

  • Power Forwards- 2 (Howard may or may not count as he is a similar frame as a Desmond Simmons)
  • Small Forwards- 4
  • Shooting Guards- 3
  • Point Guards- 1

There are two players on this list that are being recruited based on talent alone, Anthony Bennett and Sam Cassell Jr. Though Cassell could play a shooting guard type role but he fits more as a “big point guard”.

Chances are very low that UW doesn’t land either of the above listed power forwards. Edosomwan is remaining “open” publicly but rumors are that he is just trying to make sure he can get into Harvard. Bennett has UW in his final five so theoretically it is a 1-5 shot but when Kentucky is in the mix, it is an uphill battle.

The rest are guards and small forwards. A few of the small forwards have the body type and playing style of a Darnell Gant. Considering he is the only one  graduating this makes sense. However, Romar and his staff are actively pursuing guards specifically shooting guards.

Does Romar assume that either Terrence Ross or Tony Wroten are off to the NBA? Or both?

They are mentioning it to recruits as a legitimate possibility that one or both could go to the NBA.

Many fans want to see another big man brought in but Romar must like what he has in the combination of Aziz N’Diaye, Shawn Kemp Jr., Martin Breunig, and Jernard Jarreau going forward. Unless of course he is able to land the extremely talented Anthony Bennett.

Everyone knows that Romar loves guards and so his pursuit of another guard is not surprising even though the Huskies will have a for sure combination of Scott Suggs, CJ Wilcox, Abdul Gaddy, Andrew Andrews, and Hikeem Stewart. This is if Ross and Wroten do not return for next season.

Is Romar recruiting a need? We can speculate on this all we want, but he sees the guard/small forward as the major need for the 2012 recruiting class.

Regardless of what we think, the talent on this current roster is more important to next season than any one or two recruits with the obvious exceptions. Therefore, don’t hold too much stock into this recruiting class but more into the development of the current players.

It is fun to look inside the head of Lorenzo Romar and his staff to see what they see as potential needs for next year and into the future.