NBA DRAFT: Potential Landing Spots for Wroten and Ross if They Leave


We are not sure whether or not  Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten Jr. will go to the NBA after this season. Both have played well through the course of the season but not without hiccups. Wroten is averaging 17 points a game as a freshman and Ross averages 15 points a game as a sophomore. Let’s take a look at where they may land if they do decide to pursue the NBA after this season.

While searching through the numerous amounts of mock NBA drafts I found two teams that make sense for both players. Two questions however that can’t be overlooked are: Can the dynamic two play consistent basketball the rest of the season to keep their draft stock up? Can they make any impact on the pro level? Looking at Husky highlights there is no doubt that these two can be special players in the League but like any other player there are holes in their game and among one of the huge ones is consistency. has Ross going to the L.A Lakers with the 13th pick. I know right? Seems crazy to think that Ross could be playing alongside a future Hall of Famer in Kobe Bryant and a head-case in Metta World Peace (Ron Artest). The Lakers as most of the country has seen, are capable of being booted from the playoffs early and they aren’t playing like the dynasty they once were.

The depth of this team is clearly lacking as well, because behind the Black Mamba it’s a wasteland. Ross could come in a compete for a sixth man position or have a substantial amount of minutes and could take over for Kobe when he needs some rest. Sorry but Devin Ebanks and Jason Kapono are not going to cut it for this L.A team if they want keep Bryant happy. Projection: Terrence Ross goes to L.A with the 13 pick in the NBA Draft and comes off the bench averaging under 15 points per game. 

Tony Wroten Jr. (Mr.LOE) encompasses incredible talent even from his days at Garfield this man was highly scouted and he has lived up to the hype that was surrounding him. The one thing I believe that is hindering him from being that true point guard that most NBA teams are looking for is his passing game. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not that Wroten can’t make a great pass, it is more a matter of generating assists.

Right now, Wroten is only averaging 3 assists a night and to most NBA scouts that’s unacceptable. If Tony can become that all around point guard then look for his draft stock to rise even more. On the mock draft boards he is settled in the 20th spot going to the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs are one of the teams that are fading away like the Lakers, fresh off of winning the NBA championship the team let go some of their key players and find themselves away from the top of the Western Conference.

Wroten is listed as a combo guard and for good reason he measures in at 6′ 5″. The depth of the Mavs guards aren’t appealing as they head into the future. Taking Wroten with that pick will surely give them some young energy coming off the bench. Jason Kidd (17) Jason Terry (12) and Vince Carter (13) have been in the league for a long time and you have to wonder when their window will close. The Mavs with this draft can start a rebuilding phase which can look to rid themselves of old tired vets and get some new fresh energy from rookies like Wroten who will look to join the likes of budding players Rodrigue Beaubois and Dominique Jones. Projection: Tony Wroten Jr. goes to the Dallas Mavericks with the 20th pick in the NBA draft and comes off the bench and averages 10 pts and 5 assists a game. 

Other projected teams for Ross: Grizzles, Mavs, Bucks

Other projected teams for Wroten: Thunder, Grizzles, Magic