Guest Post: Pac-12 Player of The Week?


This is a guest post from a frequent visitor and guest poster on, John Miguel Hernandez aka “DawgBlawgInIt”, an avid Husky fan who loves to discuss his Dawgs. Here are his thoughts on this week’s player of the week. 

Will the Real Pac-12 Player of the Week Please Stand Up! Let me give you a few hints about what this player did and did not do and see if you can identify him.

He did: He played two road games and was the primary factor in winning both.

He averaged 19.5 points 4 assists and 5.5 rebounds per game.

He shot 9-12 from the field or 75% in one game.

He logged a total of 65 hard fought minutes for his team.

He had a total of 39 points and 8 assists.

He had a total of 11 rebounds from the guard position.

He had the number one highlight dunk on Sports Center.

He played 4 solid halves of basketball.

He fought on the road to win and get his team into 1st place in the conference and then did it again on the road to keep them there.

He won a nationally televised game with a block at the buzzer.

He did not: Play only one game on the road.

Play for a team that has a losing record and is 4-5 in the conference.

Rack up 27 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal in only one game.

Play only 1 good half of basketball.

One final hint: The Real Pac-12 Player of the Week is phenomenal freshmen Tony Wroten. He had more points, assists and rebounds than junior Jared Cunningham and he also led his team to two quality hard fought road wins which vaulted the Huskies into first place. Please give credit where credit is due. Tony Wroten, please stand up!