Welcome to Fansided 3.0


If you are reading this, you have noticed that this site looks different than it did yesterday or even hours ago. Fansided is unveiling a new look network wide and today TheHuskyHaul.com gets to unleash this new and improved look. We will be one of the few sites to BETA test the new look, the functionality of everything and making sure both Fansided and HuskyHaul bring you top notch sports content and opinion.

Patrick Allen one of the executives at Fansided.com said this about the new look:

"The new layout will help us get more headlines in front of you and keep more content on the front page for longer. This way, you’ll never miss out on a story or news item and you’ll be able to keep the conversations in the comments going on much longer than they did in 2.0. It’s more headlines, more conversation, and more of the sports commentary and news you love."

Besides the new look, we are also introducing a new feature called The Hub. It is located at the top right of the home page. It will be updated with the top news in relation to the Huskies and the Pac-12. It will feature content from other sites you currently have bookmarked and check everyday as well as content from sites/tweets/videos that you may not check. Hopefully, you will now use TheHuskyHaul as sort of a homebase when it comes to finding Husky links.

The staff at TheHuskyHaul and at Fansided hopes you enjoy the new layout. Help us BETA test it, click around, try out comments. Make sure things work like they are supposed to and let us know if you run into any issues.

We hope you are as excited about Fansided 3.0 as we are, enjoy!