Report: UW Hires Eric Kiesau Away from Cal


Reports from ESPN’s Greg Biggins is that Washington has yet again hired a hot shot coach from Cal to be their next wide receiver coach. Here is the Biggins tweet:

This would make the current UW wide receivers coach, Jimmy Daughtery the most likely candidate for the empty offensive coordinator job. He either has or would most likely be promoted into this position immediately considering they have put a new coach in his job and are not going to remove him. The other option would be quarterbacks coach.

1/17/12 UPDATE: Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times is reporting that it may be Kiesau that becomes the offensive coordinator and not Daughtery. However, it is not official word yet.

This is big news for Jordan Payton who has now re-opened his commitment and is looking back into Washington because of Tosh Lupoi. The coach that would have kept him at Cal was Kiesau, now he is at UW. The Huskies may have immediately become the favorite for Payton.

Cedric Dozier has

said that he didn’t commit to Cal because of a “coach” but at the same time he seemed baffled by the news of Lupoi to UW and hesitated before his statement of, ‘I committed to a school’. Does this hire cause him to hesitate anymore? This was to be his position coach.

Regardless, this is a big time grab for the Huskies as Kiesau is not only known for his ability to really coach up the wide receivers but also to recruit alongside the best of them. The Huskies have made it so that signing day on February 1st may hold a lot of excitement for the Dawgs but the Golden Bears may walk away disappointed.

1/18/12 UPDATE: This report is now official by the University of Washington and he is the QB coach and offensive coordinator for the Huskies.

This is a big move for Washington as they have filled out their coaching staff and signing day is still a few weeks away. They should be able to steer a couple of the big recruits their way by the time February 1 rolls around.