Game Day Preview – Seattle Univeristy


Seattle University (Private – Jesuit Catholic University)
Mascot: Redhawks
Location: Seattle, WA
Enrollment: 8,000 

Current Record: 3-10 — (Independent)
RPI: 297        SOS: 127  Coach: Cameron Dollar (3rd year)

First Thought: It’s the annual “Battle for Seattle” and this year doesn’t look like it will be much different than in year’s past. The Huskies may be having a down year but Seattle is struggling mightily in their own ways. The talent is much deeper on the UW team and if both teams are struggling, the more talented team will win.

Best Win: 85-73 over Montana State (RPI 298)
Worst Loss: 74-84 to San Jose State (RPI 293)
Last Game: 72-77 loss to Utah Valley State (RPI 277)

Synopsis: Seattle University has had a rough start to their season going 3-10, had a losing streak of 6, and now has recently lost their last 2. The team seems to struggle on defense, typically allowing over 70 points a game. They also seem to have no identity and players still trying to figure out how they fit onto the team. The team as a whole just isn’t gelling together and the talent isn’t there to help them escape from big holes they dig for themselves.

They have found ways to pull out 3 victories this year but none of those wins would be considered a big win as they beat Montana State, Evergreen State, and Nebraska-Omaha. This is down year for Seattle University but Dollar seems to have a handle on the future of this program.

My analysis: Seattle U has 3 players that average over 10 points a game; Aaron Broussard is the biggest offensive threat that the Redhawks have at 17.2 PPG. He is a threat from all over the court, shooting almost 50% from the field and 35% from behind the arc.

Clarence Trent, a former signee to the University of Washington who later transferred to Seattle U, averages 11.5 points a game. While he has attempted 36 3pt shots, he finds most of his success inside the paint. He should be out to prove a point tonight, as he would love to show the firepower he came to UW with in the first place.

Eric Wallace is another forward on the roster and he averages about 10 points a game. This above trio is the real threat on the offensive end. SU also has some 3pt capabilities in Sterling Carter and Chad Rasmussen.

The team as a whole averages about 15 turnovers a game, and a shooting percentage of 40.7%. Like I said above, both teams may struggle the whole game but if that is the case, the more talented team usually will win. That is UW. However, if Seattle U can take advantage of UW’s chemistry problems, defensive struggles, inability to hit a free-throw, this could go to the Redhawks.

My Prediction: UW 83 Seattle 63