ASJ joins the Hoops team


by: Griffin Bennett

As reported by Percy Allen on his blog, Austin Seferian-Jenkins will be officially joining the Husky Basketball team this week. The stud freshman tight end was a very good basketball player in high school and has always said that he wants to play both football and basketball. Now he gets his chance.

The 6-6, 258 pound forward can hopefully bring some toughness and a fresh attitude to a team that seems flat on the court. Will he play right away? Definitely not. I wouldn’t expect him to play AT ALL this week and only in blow outs the rest of the month. Remember, he’s still a freshman and he doesn’t know any of the plays yet [insert lack of plays joke here]. He’ll probably be a practice warrior and if he really impresses, he might find himself in some games in the upcoming months.

Someone tell Zach Banner that you CAN play football and basketball at UW!