Tracking Zach Banner: Is Washington Eliminated?


Zach Banner has been down to Washington, Oklahoma, and USC for a few weeks now but today a video was released by that had Banner, only listed 2 schools; Oklahoma and USC. There was no mention of the University of Washington in the entire video. There was mention of “home”, “Fort Lewis”, the state of “Washington”, etc. But nothing about the Huskies.

You can watch that video here.

However, shortly after this video went viral, forums blew up, twitter blew up, and Husky fans everywhere were disappointed with another missed recruit from the state of Washington, this tweet was sent out from Doug Pacey of the Tacoma News Tribune:

He then followed that tweet up with a blog post about his brief (very brief) texting conversation with Banner.

I then exchanged tweets with many UW fans and Chris Egan of King 5 TV, and since not all of you have twitter or saw the whole conversation here it is laid out for you (after the jump).

There you have it. While it still may be up in the air, almost everyone aside from Pacey is concerned and consider it a done deal that he is not going to UW. However, February 1 is still a few weeks away, a lot could change before then.