Huskies skin the Beavers 95-80


by: Griffin Bennett

With no MM writers able to cover tonight’s win, we’re letting our amazing community post their thoughts below in our comments section. When I get the time I will copy and paste the highlights into the actual post.

Post your thoughts below in the comments section! Thanks for letting me be on vacation. Bow Down!

Your thoughts:

  • The atmosphere was actually really, really amazing because Husky fans had two things to be excited about. 
  • The defense was just as bad as the football game’s, really, there were a lot of parallels. A lot of really awful fouls.
  • UW with nine turnovers, Wroten with 26 points, nine boards, four assists and two TO’s is actually pretty encouraging. Now the Dawgs have another huge challenge against Oregon. Backsliding is not an option. The Huskies need to keep playing at this level or it will be painful.
  • Nearly put up 100 points without much production from 3-point land.
  • Battled when OSU cut the lead, no hang-dog slumping attitude, just battled it out.
  • Simmons. I’m liking this guy as a sort of more athletic Bobby Jones type. He’s ahead of where Bobby was due to his redshirt year. I really like his energy and ability to contribute on both boards, a nice stroke, long arms, a real desire to play D….anyway he’ll be great to watch for 4 years.
  • Momentary lapses in concentration let the Beavs cut the lead at several junctures. Romar was very upset.
  • We are fixing our offensive problems by having poeple get in the lane, and the fact the wroten is starting to smake fouls shots is a huge plus.

(Thanks again, everyone!)