Double Game Day Coverage


ROOT Sports decided they loved the tip-off time of the Washington vs. Oregon State basketball game. Thus, there is a major issue for Husky fans as the Valero Alamo Bowl is now running at the same time as the Oregon State basketball game.

This makes it difficult for Husky fans of both sports to watch the two games. However, HuskyHaul has you covered.

Here is how it will work:

  • Mitchell Larsen will be attending the UW vs. Oregon State basketball game. His twitter feed will have you covered during the game. Follow him @AMitchellReport
  • He will provide an in-depth report of the game the following day on the site. Be on the lookout for that.
  • Jeff “HuskyLenz” Taylor and I (Mark Knight) will be watching the Alamo Bowl and tweeting during that. You can follow us at – @HuskyLenz and @HuskyHaul. HuskyLenz will also have a game thread running on the site. The hope is that you will use that to check in on the game and add your own thoughts in the comment section.
  • Following the Alamo Bowl there will be a reactionary post up on the site.

Enjoy the games! Feel free to leave your twitter handle or commentary/advice for watching the games/or whatever below in the comment sections. Thanks!