As the editor for, I would first like to thank you for t..."/> As the editor for, I would first like to thank you for t..."/>

Baylor Wins the Shootout Versus Washington- A Letter to the Nation


Dear America,

As the editor for, I would first like to thank you for tuning into the the Alamo Bowl and watching the Huskies play. I know you just wanted to see the Heisman trophy winner, Robert Griffin III play but you were able to see so much more than that. Let me address some things that you as the American people need to know.

First and foremost, let me introduce you to Keith Price, or as ESPN so affectionately called him; KP1. This quarterback is the real deal. It was only fitting that Price and RGIII found themselves facing each other in the Alamo Bowl because the first part of the season they were neck and neck for the stat “Season Touchdown Passes”.  In this game they were neck and neck for “Game Touchdown Passes” (a stat which Price did in fact win). Price, most likely, would have stayed neck and neck with RGIII had he not gone down with knee injuries. He then went on to play at about 30-50% for the next few games. Keith Price is a name to remember, you will hear from him again.

Second, as the editor for a Husky site, I would like to apologize for the debacle you saw on the defensive side of the ball. 67 points is poor (at best). I would like to say that the Husky team decided to award some High School team that was knocked out of the High School playoffs a the chance to play in the Alamo Bowl, but this was not the case. This defense is just bad. All year it has been bad. Do not be surprised to wake up in the morning with a witch hunt out for Nick Holt’s head (Defensive Coordinator). Actually, it has started already.

Third, I hope you noticed that Chris Polk is good, really good. If you are inclined to play fantasy football, you may want to draft him, especially if it is a keeper league or a PPR league. He is your sleeper. You are welcome. Granted, he may stay around another year but I doubt it.

Fourth, I hope you enjoyed seeing a shootout because the National Championship is coming soon and that may be a 6-3 football game. If you need to, I am sure you can find a re-air of this game to help you cope. In this game, you were able to see many records broken and some almost broken in this game. In case you missed it, here is the box score drive summary- TD, TD, TD, Punt, TD, TD, Punt, TD, Fumble, TD, Downs, TD, FG, TD, TD, Punt, Punt, Fumble, TD, TD, TD, Miss, TD, TD, TD, Downs, TD, Fumble.

Fifth and finally, UW is here to stay. The defense needs to be worked out but you will probably be seeing a lot more of that Purple Color on your TV next year.

Thanks for watching, and now reading.

Mark Knight

Lead Editor of