Alamo Bowl Game Thread #3


Danny Shelton, poor Danny Shelton. You gotta feel for the guy. He was just trying to help his team. But, it did blow the Huskies chances…But, the Huskies chances were really about the defense. I will write up a post about this soon, but I’ll summarize it here: Nick Holt needs to go. I am sure there is a lower cost Defensive Coordinator out there that could keep opponents under 60 points.

How embarrassing. 67 points?

Everyone harps on the secondary, including me. But, this is another game where it was the rushing defense that let this team down. 444 yards on the ground by Baylor? You should give up that many yards combined! Nick Holt needs to go.

3:25 left in the game. 4th and 8 at the Baylor 38 yard line. I know Sark has been trying to milk the clock to give his defense a chance to rest and to score with little time left. But, some of these play calls have left a lot to be desired and this play right here will decide the game. Convert and you have a chance. Don’t and its game over…

It’s 8:15 left in the 4th quarter, Baylor leads 60 to 56 and the two teams have already set records for most yards in a bowl game and the Huskies are already in the highest scoring game in their history other than a 120-0 victory over Whitman in 1919. Keith Price has accounted for 7 touchdowns. He is already at #4 all-time in touchdown passes as a Husky with 35. Chris Polk needs just one big run to pass Napolean Kaufman as the greatest running back in UW history. I am exhausted. Yet, there is much left to be played.

The two teams have combined for 116 points and need only 9 more to surpass the 64-61 2001 GMAC Bowl as the highest scoring bowl in history. What can be said?

Well, Keith Price is a legend and Nick Holt needs to be fired. If a single game can be summarized in two statements, those are it.