Black Friday: Buying and Selling Husky Edition


Black Friday brings out a lot of crazy people that say and do crazy things. In honor, of this crazy day filled with crazy people that fill their whole day with buying, below is a collection of quotes. And YOU decide to buy what they are saying or sell what they are saying.

Basically, vote for “buy” if you believe the person to be telling the truth (at least in their mind) or select “sell” if you believe the person is fibbing or exaggerating.

DISCLAIMER: This in no way indicates that you think the coach of any of the quotes below is a liar or a bad person. Just take the statement at face value and evaluate whether you think it is “coach speak” or not. 

Cougar Coach Paul Wulff said on KJR, when asked if he thinks he will still have his job next year: “Yeah, I think we have made some great strides. I mean how many teams can go out and be in a bowl picture and have started 3 different quarterbacks. I don’t think there is anyone out there right now [that could do this]….and we are still fighting and playing good football.” 

Coach Lorenzo Romar on the early Pac-12 struggles (via Percy Allen): “It’s easy for us to concentrate on those oddities as opposed to Oregon State, which is starting off playing very good basketball. Could have beaten Vanderbilt. No one mentions Stanford. They had a great start the way they’ve started off. Arizona in terms of their regular season, they’ve done a really nice job. There are teams that are doing some good things.”

On Bob Condotta’s blog, Condotta posed a quote from Coach Steve Sarkisian about how similar Nick Wood and Colin Taniqawa are: “They are very similar, quite honestly. Nick is a little more of an athletic offensive lineman. They are both feisty. They are both tough. Effort is one of their keys to their games, so very similar that way.”

Rick Neuheisel has publicly said that beating USC does not determine his job. “I feel like I got to do my best every day. That’s what I do. I come to work, I enjoy coming to work, I love coaching the kids, I like the staff. We’re going to keep doing our best every day. All that other stuff is on someone else’s desk.”

Coach Ben Howland has addressed that his team is struggling but he doesn’t see this continuing. He thinks his team will rebound from their awful start. He says isn’t nervous or desperate. “We’ll start to make a comeback and dig ourselves out of the 1-4 hole that we’re in right now,”