Guest Post: 10 Reasons to Be Thankful as a Husky Fan


Happy Thanksgiving! We here at the Husky Haul are hoping you are enjoying your special holiday, full of family, food, football, parades, and naps.

Here are 10 reasons to be thankful to be a Husky Fan, “the Rivalry edition”:

(This list was created by an anonymous Hardcore Husky Fan) 

  • You are not a Cougar fan If there was anything else at number one, we probably would have couged the whole list. 
  • Husky Stadium in 2013- The new Husky Stadium will be one of the best remodeled stadiums in the country. Enjoy Husky Fans! 
  • UW Alums created this: 

Instead of this:

  • UW can credit this guy as an alumni: 

Instead of this guy: 

  • Your head Coach is Steve Sarkisian. 
  • Your head Coach IS NOT Paul Wulff. 
  • UW fans created this web link: 
  • UW looks like this: 

Instead of this: 

  • UW can fit 70,000+ comfortably in their stadium. Martin Stadium, the smallest in the Pac-12, couldn’t even hold the entire UW student body. In fact, it wouldn’t even be close – the undergraduates alone would barely fit. 
  • UW is 66-31-6 in the Apple Cup. 

Of course there are many, many, more reasons to be thankful as a Husky fan but 10 seems like a logical number to stop when generating a list. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Be thankful you root for the Huskies!